Buenos Aires (Argentina): In solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike in Chile

We call for actions of all kinds, convinced that insurrectional/subversive solidarity will get our brother/sisters and compas out of prison.
In the night of March 28, in the Almagro district [in the centre of Buenos Aires] we set fire to barricades and interrupted citizen normality, while dodging the watchful eyes of the police.

We hope for a complicit and incendiary/explosive continuity.
On the night of March 29 we covered a sector of the Chilean consulate in Buenos Aires in posters.
That was in support of the struggle carried out by the anarchist subversive prisoners from the October revolt and the struggle for the liberation of the Mapuche, from their jails.
But we do not only mobilize for action against imprisonment. Supporting those who have fallen in battle or been kidnapped by power is a natural dynamic. The continuation of the combat as the only form of solidarity is our path.
Now is the moment!
Everything continues!
Isolation is torture!
As long as there is misery, there will be rebellion!
Death to the State and long live Anarchy!
Note from Attaque : the video of this action is available here.
Translated from french to English by Act for freedom now!